Why Blaming And Hating Yourself Are The Two Worst Things For Your Reboot

We rarely take an empathetic attitude towards ourselves not matter what the issue is.

It’s human nature to demand more of ourselves than anyone else would have the right to demand.

But that often leads to a lot of self-hatred and putting ourselves down when relapses happen, which is downright harmful.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Part One

In this post I will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions in the community.

It is important to do this, because there are common mistakes being done in rebooting and it is harming those trying to recover.

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Know Your Limits To Prevent Self-Sabotage

Know your limits.

Pushing too far and too long out of your comfort zone, your brain will freak out.

The result is self-sabotage, which will end you up worse than when you started.

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Why Self-Awareness Is The Cornerstone Of A Successful Recovery

Self-awareness is the one skill that makes or breaks your reboot.

It’s what stands between you and insanity.

And I mean insanity in its definition of: doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results.

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The Waiting Game: A Detrimental Approach to Rebooting

I think one of the most detrimental approaches to rebooting is something that all of us are guilty of at some point or another:


And I say detrimental, because it puts us out of proactive control and into reactive victimhood. Rebooting is something where not being in control will cost you dearly.

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How To Create A Winning Game Plan For Rebooting

A winning game plan is something vital missing from most people’s reboots.

What steps will you take when an urge hits you? How do you keep a relapse from turning into a binge? Which situations must you avoid like the plague itself?

Most people just stumble their way through their reboots in a gray haze, unknowing and unseeing. So how does one create a solid play book for the 90 days?

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Why Wet Dreams Are Not Relapses

This is another common mistaken belief in the porn addiction community and a very frustrating one at that.

Hard hustling rebooters are binging good progress away for nothing just because the lack one critical piece of knowledge

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Why Porn Is The Real Enemy


This post will most likely anger a lot of people in the rebooting community. However, it’s about something that I see as a widely spread problem. It’s even putting people off from hearing our message or taking it seriously.

Worse than that what, it goes against all the science behind porn addiction. Many rebooters are going at this all wrong, and their recovery is suffering for it.

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