Introducing Myself And The Story Of This Blog

Hello, my name is Richard Wolf.

Now that the blog has got on track, I believe it is time for me to introduce myself!

I’ll start with my own story, how I found the rebooting community and then ramble a bit about the aim of this website.


My introduction to the topic of rebooting came a few years ago.

Browsing the web, I ran into a TED talk given by Gary Wilson. That in turn lead me to his website YBOP.

A whole new world opened up to me and I delved into the information with enthusiasm.

At this time I had already been passionate about all kinds of personal growth for a few years and being keenly interested in psychology, the effects of porn on the brain was right up my alley.

A few days later I emerged from my research, now seeing the world quite differently.

It is to this day one of the most drastic changes in perspective I have ever experienced.

…And head first to the wall

With the irrefutable evidence staring me in the face, I decided to change my ways and quit my porn consuption.

For about a week.

After my first relapse, I was confused. This wasn’t meant to happen, I quit! So I went at it again.

This time I lasted even less.

Just a few days later I realized that this was not going to be the cakewalk I had first envisioned.

I knew it was most definitely possible, even with my limited self-control, but I had to put some serious thought and commitment behind it.

So I decided to science the shit out of my rebooting.

Mark Watney would be proud. (picture source)

So I proceeded to tear my whole process apart in order to analyze it section by section.

From there-on out I also continuously strived to ask better questions to get higher quality answers.

Lastly, I pulled from everything I previously knew about self-development and tried to apply it all to recovery as best I could.

Applying some of those concepts was like trying to smash a square peg through a round hole, but others fit right in. That comes as a no surprise to me, because beyond some specifics of the issue at hand, most self-development is very similar in nature.

It took some time, but eventually I ended up with an approach that helped me succeed in my reboot.

Passing on the lessons

I know pass that knowledge on through this blog.

All in all, I have spent seven years researching how to change and improve one’s life.

All the knowledge gathered in those years, combined with applying it to rebooting, works as my material for these blog posts.

While many of the concepts are by yours truly, I will also discuss applying the ideas of great men and women to rebooting.

I stand on the shoulders of giants and will always give credit where it’s due.

Found wanting

When I first began my own journey, I read a handful of books on porn addiction as well as any online material I could find.

The thing I felt lacking was a nitty-gritty type of guide to rebooting.

All of the books I read where either focused on explaining the science or the concept of porn addiction itself. Nothing wrong with that, they serve an important purpose.

Similarly, much of the online material was focused on success stories and benefits. Those too serve an important purpose, but I was still found wanting.

I found myself in a situation where all information was on the concept of porn addiction itself, not the process of turning one’s life around.

I felt that there was more knowledge yet to be had. Information dedicated to your average rebooter, focused on the act of recovery itself.

Which is exactly what this blog is all about.

It is focused on the specific day-to-day actions and mindsets that will help you recover from porn addiction.

It is not the theoretic an distant war council of generals, but the battle-earned knowledge from the trenches instead.

As a result, I focus much more on the how than the why.

Action requires understanding, so I will always explain the reasoning behind whatever I recommend.

However, despite my recommendations being scientifically backed, I will not focus on the scientific literature.

And same as always with my materials the golden rule is:

Take what works for you and disregard the rest.

No-one else can know your personal situation, so you must tailor the information to apply effectively to your life.

Action above all

In life there are no magic pills and this website is no exception.

The information in this blog will lay out the knowledge you need to succeed in your recovery, but there will almost certainly be setbacks along the way.

Do not lose heart. Instead, learn from each stumble. Learning in itself gives meaning to the mistake, which helps ease the sting of relapse. On the long run it will also lead you to perfecting your personal approach to recovery.

By never making the same mistake more than twice you are guaranteed to succeed sooner or later.

Furthermore, this knowledge is 1% of your success. The remaining 99% come out of execution.

What usually separates winners from losers in life is the amount of action they are taking.

The same principle applies here: the more you put in the more success you will get out. Recovery is a hard road and half-assed attempts will always fail spectacularly.

But put your all into the recovery process and you will also gain the benefits.

I wish you all the best and much luck on your road to recovery,

Richard Wolf


I would love to hear from you, and will always welcome feedback and discussion on any topic! And if you have a question, feel free to drop a comment to any post.

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