Max From Real Social Dynamics Talks Nofap

This is a video where RSD Max and his friend Mario Tomic discuss their 2 year Nofap experiences.

Max is an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the biggest platform for dating and self-development. Mario is a training, nutrition and self-improvement coach at Shocking Fit.

I personally enjoy this video because of the level headed discussion it involves. Max and Mario are very present and real with their experiences.

This is a breath of fresh air after the heavy headspace often present elsewhere in the community.

I also love how Max focuses onĀ taking action. He talks about taking the newfound energy and focus to achieve real life results.

Because the fact is, you’re not going to achieve anything by rebooting alone.

Then what about superpowers?

Whether real or not, superpowers enable magic pill mentality.

People wait for their benefits to fix their life for them, instead of proactively taking those steps themselves.

It results in passiveness, victim mentality, unhappiness and failure.

The negatives of streak mentality

Max mentions this as well and his thoughts run along mine on this topic.

Focusing on streaks and days puts too much pressure on you and becomes counter-productive after “relapses”.

Since we aren’t moving toward sexual monkhood, but having healthy sexual outlets via partners, it’s better to not count streaks.

Reduce your masturbation amountsĀ and focus on building the new.

However, you should cut out porn completely. Masturbation is natural, porn is not.


Focus on taking a level-headed approach to your rebooting journey one day at a time.

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