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Welcome to Successful Rebooter!

My name is Richard Wolf.

For now, that’s all I will reveal of myself to keep my anonymity. While I will most likely tell my personal story in the future, that time is not yet here.

Why do I choose to stay in the shadows?

I do it to cause a specific effect to you, the reader.

I commonly see people judge information based on the source that provides it, instead on the merits of the information itself. It’s not the knowledge that sells, it’s the story behind the knowledge. And I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, I noticed this first in myself. It’s a form of mental laziness and a really bad habit to partake in.

So at least before I unveil my own story, I want you to consider the value of the information I provide, yourself.

Plus I have a huge ego, and try to keep it in check.

Speaking of which, most of the articles are written in a very specific tone. They may seem very up in your face at times and sound almost accusationally. An example of this will be the rest of this page. I will also swear and won’t censor myself (fuck being politically correct).

The tone of my writing is like that because I write essentially everything to myself. When I’m telling you to get off your ass and take action, I’m pointing the proverbial finger at myself to do the same.

The Website Itself

This website is about the knowledge, tools and mindsets that allow successful recovery from the long-term use of pornography. My goal is to provide all the information and tools necessary for everyone to reboot easily and quickly. Life is too short to struggle with porn addiction. I have some dreams to achieve as well, don’t you?

The concepts and ideas are the result from years of research and involvement in both the rebooting as well as the wider self-development community. I will also continue to refine and update them as better approaches come along. This is the reason I welcome questions and discussion in all my posts!

Take Action or Go Home

Most importantly this website is about action.

This is what I lacked for years, despite burrowing my way through endless grade A knowledge. Taking action is what I finally changed and it is what finally started bringing me results.

Knowledge or information is not worth anything unless it translates to action and that action translates to results.

Action above all.

While I aim to provide you with all the necessary actionable information necessary to recover from porn addiction and ED, the rest is up to you: to take that action consistently and aggressively.

Change your mindset to a winning one and raise the standards for yourself.

What we are going for here is a porn-free life full of health, wealth, love, happiness and adventure.

Are you up for it?